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4 Things to Consider When Your Trademark Application is Refused

You applied for your Trademark Registration months ago.

You then started to build your brand or business around this mark. You thought everything was alright until one day, months ater filing for the mark, you receive a letter from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (hereinafter “USPTO”) informing you that your Trademark Application has been refused based upon a likelihood of confusion with another mark.

Angry and confused you cannot understand why the refusal was issued. Your mark is not identical to the one blocking the registration thereof. How could this be? Concern grows to panic as you begin to ponder the costs associated with moving away from this mark and selecting and entirely new one – one which you can protect and maintain rights in. Before you do so, however, take heart – you may yet get your trademark registered. Go to this article for more… (external link)


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