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Trademark Filing Basics - Part 4: Basis for Filing and Specimens

Basis for Filing

The application should include your “basis” for filing. Most U.S. applicants base their application on their current use of the mark in commerce, or their intent to use their mark in commerce in the future.

Use in Commerce

For the purpose of obtaining federal registration, “commerce” means all commerce that the U.S. […]


Trademark Filing Basics - Part 3

This is the third in a series of trademark filing basics.

Application Fees For current fees for trademark applications and amendments, please see the current USPTO Fee Schedule. Fee increases, when necessary, usually take effect on October 1 of any given year.

The basic fees are:

Application for registration, per international class (paper filing) […]


Trademark Filing

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We aim to provide you with practical, up-to-date information on what is involved in trademark filing, so that you can either a) do it yourself or b) know enough to get good professional advice from a trademark attorney.

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The Trademark Filing (Application) Process and Costs (Detailed)

Provides a good illustration of trademark filing as a 3 stage process. P

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A United States trademark grants its owner the right to prevent others from using a confusingly similar mark in connection with similar goods or services.

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Trademark Filing Basics - Part 2

This is the second in a series of trademark filing basics.

Must I hire an attorney

No. However, if you prepare and submit your own application, you must comply with all requirements of the trademark statute and rules. If you choose to appoint an attorney to represent your interests before the USPTO, they will […]