Trademark Filing in 10 Easy Steps

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Making Your Domain Your Trademark

Domains and trademarks are an issue for both existing businesses and new start ups.  Most businesses and also individuals wantsto have their own domain.

A domain is a name which distinguishes IP addresses. For you to recognize a particular web page, domain names are needed. Every domain name has a suffix after it to indicate […]


Trademark Filing Basis – Summary

Over the last period I have written six (6) posts describing the basics of Trademark Filing.

This post links to all six, providing a directory about these basic steps.

Part 1  – Introduction

Part 2 – Hiring an Attorney

Part 3 – Application Fees

Part 4 – Trademark Filing and Specimens

Part 5 – Signature […]


Trademark Filing Basics – Part 6: Getting your Trademark and Maintaining your Registration

Certificate of Registration or Notice of Allowance If the Mark is published based upon the actual use of the Mark in commerce, or on a foreign registration, and no party files an opposition or request to extend the time to oppose, the USPTO will normally register the Mark and issue a registration certificate in about […]


Trademark Filing Basics – Part 5: Signature and What happens after filing

Signature Authorised signatories

A person who is properly authorized to sign a verification on behalf of the applicant is:

a person with legal authority to bind the applicant; or a person with firsthand knowledge of the facts and actual or implied authority to act on behalf of the applicant; or an attorney as who has […]


Protecting Trademark Licensee’s Right to Continued Use of Trademark When Licensor Declares Bankruptcy

Originally published 6 July 2010

Keywords: Exide Technologies, trademark, intellectual property, bankruptcy, EnerSys Delaware Inc., executory contract,

In the case of In re: Exide Technologies, decided on June 1, 2010, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reversed two lower court decisions and held that a 1991 agreement between Exide Technologies and […]