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Using Registered Trademarks Online: Real Estate Marketing on the Internet in Australia

A recent Federal Court case demonstrates how effective trade mark registration can be in providing a competitive edge in the marketplace. The case, Mantra Group Pty Ltd v Tailly Pty Ltd, considered the use of trade marks on the internet in the context of the real estate industry….

For more information demonstrating… that owners who […]


Whiskas Purple to become registered trademark

Mars Australia has been given the go-ahead by the Federal Court to register Whiskas Purple as a trademark for cat food, after rival Nestlé withdrew its earlier opposition. For more information (external link)


This raises the issue for your business, are you considering color in your trademark filing?  For many brands, color is an important and distinguishing feature. […]


BlackBerry Drive trademark filing

Research In Motion recently filed a trademark application for “Blackberry Drive“,  more information (external link)


4 Things to Consider When Your Trademark Application is Refused

You applied for your Trademark Registration months ago.

You then started to build your brand or business around this mark. You thought everything was alright until one day, months ater filing for the mark, you receive a letter from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (hereinafter “USPTO”) informing you that your Trademark Application has been […]


Trademark Squatting Sees Global Increase - an issue for Trademark Filing

Trademark Squatting Sees Global Increase More brand owners than ever are seeking to do business in foreign countries, only to find that their trademarks have been registered by unscrupulous individuals. Check out this website I found at

Trademark filing in one country may be fine, but if you intent to operate in multiple […]