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Trademark filing  provides practical information on trademark filing and registering a trademark.  How to trademark a name and trademark online are covered.

Patrick Newman
Hi I’m Patrick. 

I write about intellectual property, copyright and trademark matters from practical business experience.  I am a member of the licensing executives society international.  I also  have an MBA and a degree in engineering.

I enjoy  briefing trademark professionals on the business results that I and my clients want from trademark filing.  I also write for ,  I am currently writing an ebook for to help everyone easily navigate through the process of trademark filing, registering a trademark, and to trademark a name.

About is in development to provide practical easy to understand guides, products and services to help you understand and source: trademark search, online trademarking, and trademark filing process.

Along with the practical experience, we’ll source expert advice on trademark filing, trademark search, how to register a trademark and to trademark a name.

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